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CCTV (video inspection) of the Sewer Collection System

District employees inspect the entire collection system within six years.  RUSA uses the Envirosight® Rovver CCTV equipment and the WINCAN program to document:

·         the structural condition of the pipe

·         root intrusion

·         grease

·         protruding taps

·         evidence of inflow and infiltration (I/I) or surcharging

·         manhole pave-overs, and

·         other deficiencies that factor into condition assessment

Planned video inspections are generally scheduled to follow the planned cleaning schedule. However, in the event of a blockage, a video inspection assesses the cause of the blockage. After the blockage is removed the line is evaluated with a CCTV crawler to assess the condition of the pipe.  RUSA uses the Envirosight® Rovver CCTV equipment for this assessment.

All newly constructed sewer lines are required to be CCTV inspected by the RUSA Collections Department to verify as-built drawings and ensure the line has no construction defects.

A white cargo van with an open side door, revealing a shelved interior with equipment.
A person analyzing data and images on multiple computer screens inside a vehicle.
Rovver X TV Inspection Camera
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