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Manhole Rehabilitation – Madewell Products Corporation

Underground Tech Certified Applicator - Oregon

To:       Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority Local Contract Review Board

From:   General Manager

Date: October 4, 2022

Re: Sole Source Determination pursuant to Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 279B.075 and Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 125-247-0275

Part A

1. Authority to enter a Sole-Source Contract:  OAR 125-246-0170(2)(c)(H)

2. Estimated Total Value of Contract:  Varies, under $50,000

3. Subject of Contract: Manhole repair and rehabilitation with a two-component system

4. Background:

  • RUSA has utilized several different products over the years without long-term success. All the products showed leaks within a few years.
  • In 2017 RUSA conducted a trial on a manhole that shows excessive leaking during the wet season.
  • The trial utilized a Madewell Manhole Rehabilitation two-component system consisting of a high-strength restoration mortar and an epoxy corrosion barrier that cure simultaneously to repair and protect brick and concrete manholes and other sanitary structures.
  • Underground Tech is a certified applicator of Madewell products.
  • RUSA has several manholes that leak during the wet weather season contributing to the Inflow and Infiltration.
  • RUSA has established a manhole rehabilitation plan to repair and rehab several manholes every year until all the identified structures have been rehabilitated.
  • RUSA has budgeted approximately $40,000 to $50,000 for this rehabilitation project.

5. Findings:

  • RUSA monitored the manhole that was part of the Madewell system rehabilitation trial.
  • After several years of monitoring there were no detectable leaks.
  • Underground Tech provides a ten (10) year warranty on sanitary sewer structures that his company rehabilitates with the Madewell Lining System.
  • After eight (8) years a very small leak was detected. RUSA informed Underground Tech of the leak and they honored the warranty even though RUSA did not pay for the original rehabilitation.
  • Since completing the pilot manhole rehabilitation RUSA has included a two-component system in the Hooker Road Project and only Underground Tech’s submittal was approved as meeting the specifications.
  • RUSA has utilized Underground Tech and the Madewell Manhole Rehabilitation two-component system on a case-by-case base with great success.

A.  Market Research Overall Finding.

Underground Tech is the certified applicator of Madewell Lining Systems for our area.


B. 4. Pursuant to ORS 279B.075 (2)(d):

Based on years of testing several other products to rehabilitate leaking manholes with total failure over time of all the previously tested products Madewell Manhole Rehabilitation Lining System is the only one that has met the goal of limiting or eliminating leaks in manhole structures for an extended period (the tracking of rehabilitated manholes continues to track the effectiveness of this system). We feel that it is in the best interest of RUSA to continue to utilize this proprietary system to work to eliminate the inflow and infiltration in RUSA’s collection system.

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