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Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority Board Meeting

Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority
1297 N.E. Grandview Drive
Roseburg, OR 97470

The April 13th, Board meeting will be held in person and broadcast by Zoom® Meeting. The link to the meeting will be posted on Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority’s website,



Board of Directors:

John Dunn, Chair

Rob Lieberman, Vice Chair

David Campos

Jerry Griese

Kelsey Wood

1.     Call to Order – John Dunn, Board Chair

2.     Roll Call

3.     Audience Participation – In-Person / via Zoom

4.     Consider Minutes

a.        March 9, 2022

5.     Resolution 22-01

a.        A Resolution Adopting a Budget Policy to establish a methodology for a “Reserved for Future    Expenditure” line item

6.     General Managers’ Report

a.     Hooker Road Rehabilitation Project

b.     New Chemical feed building - Sodium Bisulfite System Relocation

c.      Storm drain isolation project WWTP

d.     Chadwich Street Sewer Rehabilitation

e.     2022-23 Jacobs contract for plant operation

7.     New Developments

8.     Staff Report

9.     Jacobs Plant Operations Report

10.  Accounts Payable

11.  Other Business

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